LANETE History - Viktorin House


(former Hotel Black Eagle)

It was known mainly saying that it was owned Viktorin, one of the sons of King George of Podebrady.
He said the king spent the night here before the Battle of Uhrova. Documentary evidence to confirm this legend, however, exist.

Yet the house very long and colorful history.The earliest mention of it dates from 1740.
It describes the bloody scuffles that broke out among the few soldiers.
Two of them in it were killed and their bodies were buried at the northern wall of the house.
Another important date in the history of the Black Eagle a year 1773rd At that time, Count Leopold of Krakow Kolovraty set up a factory on the needle, which many people find a livelihood.

After the termination of the factory opened pohostinsví. Originally called The top pub puddle later manor pub The Black Eagle. The building suffered considerable damage during a fire in 1818.
In addition to the fire affected the history of the inn and disease. Succumbed to the cholera epidemic of 1866, Mrs. Lederer, then the owner.

In 1872, calls her heir Moric Lederer for approval to install the arcade building, one half of a guest room, then the other shops or apartments. The project was approved. The house came to the arcade.
Significant structural interventions also made Franclovi couple who owned the hotel in 1909 to the 1941st Entered zdejšímu Čeňku Kruml architects expensive contract, which counted such new bond roof, drainage, electrical or construction of a granite staircase.

In the 30th 20th century, the hotel has reached the peak of their fame. The floor is relatively cool 11 luxuriously furnished rooms on the ground floor a cozy restaurant and bar.

Shop in the southern part of the house was rented to local entrepreneurs. In the 30th it's famous pastry chef Antonin Fenyk.
Fresh Fenykovy desserts are also featured on the menu For the Black Eagle.
Franclova family was later evicted. Francla son Francis became a Czechoslovakian champion billiards and cafe based in Prague, 5P. Boasted mostly former fashion news - a telephone on every desk.

Since 1941, owned a house Viktorin economic union district hornbeam. Landlady became Mrs. Vlckova, later, her son, Mr. Cool. Hotel is managed carefully and conscientiously, so that even at the turn of the 50th years worked.

In 1949, however, are implemented internal union rules. Ground turned into offices on the first floor have two apartments for recruiting staff. Since 1960 he has served on the ground floor of the Czech Savings Bank, opened a supermarket in the second Unity.

In 1964 the building changed owners. It was a housing company.
In the seventies, on the ground floor located on the north side of the cafeteria. Since 1979, when she moved Savings Bank, served as the southern part of the meeting room MeNV, which it leased to various organizations. There were also social events, such as dance.

In 1977, corrected the local collective farm and exchanged half of the facade windows in the house are new.

The extensive reconstruction occurred in the nineties.





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